Causes Of Celiac Disease

There are many causes of celiac disease that force the patients to have gluten free diet. The reasons of celiac disease is the reaction that takes place between the immune system of body and villi (millions of lined up fingers like projections) which interferes with the body’s power of absorbing vital nutrients and minerals. This forces the patients to avoid the intake of gluten as they may face severe repercussions because of them. Severe diarrhea is the disease celiac patients suffer from due to the intake of gluten which is found in wheat, rye and barley.

The main cause of celiac disease is the obliteration of the inside layer of the small intestine. This destruction is caused due to the immunological reaction of gluten in diet resulting in the inflammation and destruction the inner lining of the small intestine. Researches have shown that this reaction is because of various genes inherited from parents by children.

Proteins are made up of extended manacles of amino acids, about hundreds close to each other. During the process of digestion, various enzymes act upon the food within small intestine and break the proteins into solitary amino acids and much smaller units. This is due to the fact that our stomach has the potential of digesting small amino acids chains. But sometimes, the food is not totally broken down and many bigger manacles of amino acids go in the cells lined up in the intestine. Long manacles of amino acids are many times toxic and damage the intestinal cells. As a result of this, tissue transglutaminase takes place.

Barley and rye are rich in gluten similar to proteins and can result in celiac disease in one’s body which is then transformed to other generations. However, consumption of rice and corn is not considered as the cause of celiac disease. No definite cause of celiac disease has been discovered up till now but hereditary problems are held responsible for the whole process. If your parents or parent is suffering from this disease, it is likely that you are going to suffer from it.

Celiac disease can be distinguished through gastrointestinal problems. Diarrhea, malodorous flatulence, abdominal bloating and increased amounts of fat in the stool are some of the signs which when seen in someone’s body, should consult the doctor. One should consult the doctor immediately to avoid any serious problems. Curbing this disease at its roots avoids serious complications and if controlled you may be allow having some rich diet.

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